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A sales tool that makes a difference

With relational, intelligent sales data at your fingertips anywhere, anytime, you can strategically plan your sales activity for an immediate impact on your sales numbers.

Surgeons with Specialties, Education and Training, Distributors, Hospital Affiliates, Sunshine Data, and Insider Intel
Hospitals and ASCs with Connected Surgeons, Executive Team Contacts, Clinical Scores, and IDNs/GPOs
Distributors, Reps, Principals, Direct Reps, and Company Executives connected to manufacturers and surgeons

Save Time, Sell Smarter

Through a simple cloud-based interface, MedTechIntel provides all the relevant sales data. It maps out surgeon relationships, hospital executives, distributor and manufacturer data. This allows you to know the details about your sales targets and their peer connections.
MTI - Relevant, Real Time, Actionable Data


Relevant, Real Time, Actionable Data

Our team is committed to providing information in real
time. When searching for a specific target that you may not see, you can message the team within the software to get your answers right away and go
after the sale.

Robust, Dynamic Intelligence

Our experienced team of data experts and sales professionals continually identifies, connects and integrates new market and surgeon data to keep you and your team up-to-date. We provide knowledge about your sales territories which gives you a competitve edge. We leverage ten different sources for data integrity. The information can be demonstrated as a report to share with your team and a heat map for sales targeting. 
MTI - Measure Sales Effectiveness
Impactful Data Connections


Impactful Data Connections

Our data connects valuable insights to identify medical device sales leverage points. This makes you and your sales team more effective at creating the overall sales strategy, building sales territories and converting business.

MTI Delivers Sales Results

Hear how MTI quickly impacts our customers’ sales processes and revenue growth
  • “Connection is our difference. We not only provide pillars of facts and information, we also intelligently make connections between data points to identify sales leverage points and relationships that aren’t readily apparent creating a sales opportunity roadmap for our customers.”


  • “MedTechIntel has given us the tools to effectively and efficiently manage our distributor network by identifying areas of opportunity, reducing misalignment between distributors and customers and reporting sales versus opportunity so we can get an instant picture of where the business stands at all times.”

    Top 10 Spinal Device Company

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