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Engineered by Medical Device Sales and Data Experts

MTI leverages sales knowledge and experience with medical device market intelligence. Our platform aggregates and connects both publicly-available and privately-sources data. Our expert insight creates a sales resource that provides a competitive edge in medical device sales.

For Manufacturers

Strategic insight to dynamic medical device sales channels

As manufacturers build and redefine their sales network, MedTechIntel assists them to strategically look ahead in the medical device sales cycle.

For instance, manufacturers can access MedTechIntel’s distributor profiles to understand which distributors are working with which surgeons at which hospitals in order to explore and evaluate opportunities for market penetration and expansion.

Manufacturers can learn which surgeons are working at which hospitals and which hospitals belong to which GPO/IDN networks. This information readily available, manufacturers can craft a strategic plan that leverages their current contracts in a geographically desirable area that is covered by an experienced sales team.

MTI is also a resource for both a manufacturer’s direct sales team and it’s distributor partners. The MTI software empowers the sales channel by arming them with knowledge, intelligence and connections to quickly identify areas of opportunity and take action to generate sales revenue.

For Distributors and Sales Reps

Equip your sales team with the knowledge to sell and drive sales growth

The dynamic nature of the medical device industry is challenging for new and seasoned sales representatives alike. Understanding a medical device sales territory enough to take advantage of opportunities can take time and sales results may not always be fast to come, if they develop at all.

MedTechIntel can assist medical device sales representatives in being more efficient and productive with identifying sales leads, strategizing pre-call planning and closing sales. By reviewing surgeon relationships, hospital data and procedural volume, sales representatives will know before they go into their territories the analytics, intelligence and insight that generate sales revenue fast.

Making a big industry smaller.

Good business is built on mutually-beneficial, long-lasting relationships, especially in the medical device industry. MTI provides the relational roadmap that gives you insight on who to target and why to make the sales process more efficient, effective and profitable.

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MTI Delivers Sales Results

Hear what our customers are saying about how MTI helped them drive sales quickly.
  • MTI is a collaborative software platform that pulls information from approximately more than 15 data sources. It is intensely practical, with all the data necessary to streamline the commercialization process for medical device companies. MTI connects manufacturers, independent distributors, surgeons, and hospitals, highlighting details on which parties already work together. In addition, users have access to local market reps and up-to-date information on surgeons and manufacturers they both work with—visibility that allows for extreme streamlining and focus.

    Top 10 Spine Device Company

  • The MTI team is quite seasoned in the orthopedic realm and is accustomed to extracting reliable data that yields actionable leverage points. We are able to dig deep and map out the difficult-to-obtain relationships that can mean the difference between going in the right direction and heading off in the wilderness of lost opportunities. Surgeon/distributor relationships are difficult to establish, but our team has numerous existing relationships that give distributors a leg up on the competition.


  • “The proprietary heatmapping module provides a simple yet impactful, visual report of your business measuring sales representative success, market opportunity and distributor effectiveness.”


  • “Last year was a tough one for us and many companies. MTI assisted in growing our business by showing us a relationship roadmap with intelligent connections and commercialization opportunity that helped our team identify the key areas of success and stay ahead of the competition.”

    Top 10 Spinal Device Company

  • “As a Sales Representative, I am allows looking to build new relationships by identifying potential customers, understanding their current situation and devising a plan to convert their business. MTI has made it so simple to find the customers with the surgical needs that our products meets.”

    Top 10 Spinal Device Company

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