Target New Surgeons Quickly.

Organize your strategy with leading market data to locate qualified leads and prepare you for your next sales call and team meetings.

Search Surgeons

Surgeon Focused.

MTI is surgeon centric and allows you to understand peer-to-peer surgeon relationships based on education and training to help target new opportunities.

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Advanced Search Options.

Other data platforms showcase generic surgeon specialties, but with MTI you can narrow down your surgeon target with our advanced search of subspecialties.

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Save Time With MTI.

Our team works tirelessly to provide you with up-to-date information from different sources around the industry, compiled into an easy to digest profile filled with actionable insights.

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MTI is the only SaaS platform that illustrates detailed information on musculoskeletal sales representatives / distributors, with over 8,000 profiles mapped out.

Education History

Use a surgeon's training history to search and identify other target opportunities, based on relationships formed and clinical preferences adopted through their residency and fellowship.

Accessibility Scores

Use our team's proprietary algorithm to predict the ease of access of a given facility based on their current purchasing group or network, location, and ownership type.

Surgeon Subspecialties

Most data platforms cover broad taxonomies, whereas we drill down to specific primary specialties based on past procedures.

ASC Specialties

We have mapped specific specialties to ambulatory surgery centers based on the surgeons that operate there.

Sales Strategy

Stop gathering data from outdated sources all over the internet. Access our market data to help identify quality leads.