We have worked with some amazing people

“Thank you for getting me set up with this amazing platform. MTI has been key to back filling my pipeline. I am very happy with this service.”

Aaron Jennings, MBA

“The data structure and layout are simple to understand and use. We routinely use the MTI database to verify and supplement our internal databases.”

Medical Device Start Up

"MTI has helped me in many ways! I used to look up Hospitals, ASCs, IDNs, and Healthcare Networks' information and then I would cross check with Google to make sure I had the correct facilities information before adding it to my CRM platform. MTI has taken those steps out of it for me. The most helpful feature and what I use most is the GPO information and profiles. Also, the support team is very helpful and gets back to me quickly any time I have questions!"

Spine Specialties

"MTI has helped my team and I find high quality and verified leads. The UI/UX are simple and intuitive. Personally, I use MTI almost on a daily basis and look forward to every upgrade and improved functionality."

Nikolay Nedyalkov
CCO Silony Medical

"I have found that MTI is a robust data set, is easy to navigate as well as create customized searches to gain the information needed quickly and efficiently. MTI has continued to invest and enhance the data and the customer service has been outstanding! MTI is a great resource that helps me be more effective in sales and contracting."


“Any time you’re talking to your manager about your strategic approach and can bring data and analytics to them, you will stand out from the rest. MTI is a no-brainer from a career standpoint.”

Jeff Wertz
CCO Surgio Health

"We engaged with MTI because our sales team needed tools in the field to be successful. Compared to the other platforms we looked at, MTI is a complete solution with the flexibility to adapt to our unique requests."

Ken G

“I’m on the road a lot so having the flexibility to quickly access data from any location and any computer has been great.”

Spine Rep

“I really love the platform as a whole, as well as the customer service and experience your team works hard to provide.”

Biologics Company

"MTI has been instrumental in helping me break into geographical markets where I do not already have relationships. The ability to contact distributors I typically would not have been able to without MTI, and start building relationships with them has been very beneficial. Furthermore, the ability to really focus on certain areas/physicians allows me to target better instead of utilizing a shotgun approach which I have had to do in the past."