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At MedTechIntel we are committed to bringing you actionable data that not only helps you fill your sales pipeline with targets, but also helps you expand your reach in the musculoskeletal industry.

Target New Physicians

Better understand your physician targets based on previous training, education history, location, peer to peer connections and relationships with manufacturers to create a custom sales approach.

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Expand Your Distribution Network

Utilize our expansive list of industry sales professionals across the country to grow your team and target new areas for sales growth.

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Maximize Your Hospital Contracts

Identify KOLs and contract cycles within hospitals, GPOs and IDNs, discover surgeon operating privileges, target specialties, and utilize our proprietary accessibility scoring to pinpoint new opportunities.

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Gain New Manufacturer Targets

We have mapped out all products by each manufacturer to help identify potential product gaps. Determine what relationships a rep has with surgeons and find areas where your products will stand out in a market.

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Search faster

A better workflow

Search your way.
Search through surgeons, distributors, facilities, and manufacturers based on your position.
Filter precisely.
Dive deeper by filtering your search by your customized needs.
Map your results.
Create a sales strategy for your next team meeting or while you’re on the road, by making a heat map of your current or potential territories.


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“Joining MTI has completely changed the way we do business. The people at MTI go above and beyond to make sure we get anything and everything we need. MTI has allowed us to hire inside sales people to make calls from home, which allows us to qualify new leads and set up real sales opportunities. MTI gives us the ability to be more efficient with our limited resources.... MTI has also given our new hires the ability to have earlier success and shorten the sales cycle in an industry where the norm is a year before new hires see success. We wouldn’t be on the amazing trajectory that we are currently on without MTI.”

- Colan Partee
VP of Business Development

“I have found that MTI is a robust data set, is easy to navigate as well as create customized searches to gain the information needed quickly and efficiently. MTI has continued to invest and enhance the data and the customer service has been outstanding! MTI is a great resource that helps me be more effective in sales and contracting.”

- Ron
Biotechnology Company

MTI is the only SaaS platform that illustrates detailed information on musculoskeletal sales representatives / distributors, with over 8,000 profiles mapped out.

Education History

Use a surgeon's training history to search and identify other target opportunities, based on relationships formed and clinical preferences adopted through their residency and fellowship.

Accessibility Scores

Use our team's proprietary algorithm to predict the ease of access of a given facility based on their current purchasing group or network, location, and ownership type.

Surgeon Subspecialties

Most data platforms cover broad taxonomies, whereas we drill down to specific primary specialties based on past procedures.

ASC Specialties

We have mapped specific specialties to ambulatory surgery centers based on the surgeons that operate there.

Sales Strategy

Stop gathering data from outdated sources all over the internet. Access our market data to help identify quality leads.

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